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Martial Arts

Martial Arts is an ancient practice ranging from Kung Fu to Karate and there's many places to see in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Aikido Association
Chito Ryu Karate classes for all ages.
The judo programme with Global Sports is open to all pupils, children and adult in the territory.
Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon Martial Arts
Our dojo was established in 1966 to provide judo instruction and a place to practice judo in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Kendo
Hyylk Chinese Kung fu and tai chi lessons for children, adult and faimilies in Hong Kong. Visit our new school in Causeway Bay. Martial arts and Tai chi classes for aged 3 and up.
Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Training Studio in Central, Hong Kong.
Responsible for promoting, preserving and perpetuating the martial arts developed by Bruce Lee in the regions of Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Karate-do Ryushinkai is the Hong Kong branch of the Japan Karate-do Federation Ryushin-kan
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