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Pet Shops

Pet shops in Hong Kong provide dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots, budgies and canaries.
The garden is composed of various courtyards filled with trees and surrounded by 70 stalls selling birds, cages, and such accoutrements as tiny porcelain feeders and fresh grasshoppers.
Golden Retriever Club
Vow to provide the best quality grooming service for your pets. We have a team of highly experienced and caring groomers together with state of the art equipment,
Some species have funny faces, beautiful outlooks or colourful skins. Many of these species can be kept in house and become a friend of you, just like keeping dogs, cats and fishes.
We manufacture pet products for cats and dogs such as toys and tools.
Import and export live tropical aquarium fish and frozen fish food producer
We are one of the largest tropical fish, goldfish breeder and exporter in Hong Kong, China, with over 36 years' experience. Due to our experience and efforts, we have customers all over the world. Eve